We have a wide range of businesses staying for all types of meetings and events.

Here is a case study about a technology group that have used Eaton Manor for meetings and activities:

Beagle Technology Group at Eaton Manor: Case Study & Testimonial

Company: Beagle Technology Group Website: www.beagletechnologygroup.com
Venue: Toad Hall and Curlew Cottage Date: May 2016
Delegates: 12 Duration: 4 nights
Company Background: Beagle Technology Group specialise in the manufacture of complex metallic assemblies, using a variety of methods. Their 80,000 sq.ft manufacturing facility is located in Dorset.

“Eaton Manor is an exceptional venue which we have found to be really useful for our needs as a business for our offsite events. The living area is in very good condition and provided an extremely relaxing atmosphere. We would definitely recommend Eaton Manor to other businesses looking for a quiet location to focus on important planning.”

Brief: Beagle Technology Group required a quiet location, void of distraction so they could discuss important business expansion and planning. They needed living space which provided a relaxing atmosphere; moreover it was crucial to have a separate space to discuss business, so that delegates could keep the right frame of mind for strategy planning. They also required facilities useful for their activities and amenities to be situated close by.


  • Eaton Manor provided the perfect venue, in a quiet location with a wide variety of amenities. The twelve guests had plenty of living space across Toad Hall and Curlew Cottage, with a mixture of single occupancy and twin rooms.
  • The Banqueting Room at Eaton Manor was the venue for their full day meetings, where they had full use of flip charts, projectors, screens, high speed wi-fi and catering facilities.
  • Their first evening involved an orientation of the estate and a team catch up.
  • On the second evening, they had an informal dinner, followed by a drumming session with Tom Morley.
  • Their third evening involved taking a taxi to a restaurant in nearby town, Ironbridge (also a World Heritage Site).
  • On their final day, the group enjoyed an afternoon of free time to relax. A three course dinner was provided by Oak Apple Catering at Toad Hall. They then had a social evening, making good use of Eaton Manor’s games room.

In what ways did Eaton Manor go the ‘extra mile’ to make your stay a success?
“Packing away our shopping before arrival and setting up the banqueting hall with a projector and screen was really helpful. They also provided us with an alternative venue on the estate for our formal meeting, as a charity event was taking place at Eaton Manor.”


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