We provide a wide range of complimentary facilities on-site allowing everyone to relax during their leisure time.

Together with the Snooker & Games Hall, the following facilities are available at Eaton Manor:


Plunge PoolPlunge Pool

  • Our plunge pool is available in the warmer months (open April to October).
  • Size: 7m long x 4m wide x 1.2m deep.
  • It is covered, heated and has its own changing room.
  • As this is a shared pool on the estate we offer the ability to book slots during your stay in order to have sole occupancy.


Playing FieldPlaying Field at Eaton Manor

  • Our vast outdoor playing field is situated close to the meeting facilities.
  • It is the perfect place for some friendly sporting rivalry – perhaps a football kick-about or touch rugby – or some adventurous team games.
  • Alternatively, if you’re after a tranquil setting for a break from the meeting room, you could relax on one of the benches and take in the stunning scenery.


Indoor Badminton CourtIndoor Badminton Court

  • Our indoor badminton court is a great way to burn off some energy.
  • Racquets & shuttlecocks are provided.
  • The court is situated in our indoor archery range and, when it’s not being used for archery, it is available to use.


Croquet LawnCroquet Lawn

  • Croquet is a perfect way to relax after a busy meeting.
  • It is situated at the heart of the estate with a set of hoops, mallets and balls provided.
  • If you click here you’ll find the rules of Garden Croquet (as provided by The Croquet Association) so you can be sure everyone’s playing fair.


All on-site amenities are subject to availability and Eaton Manor reserves the right to close any of them if necessary without prior notice.