Laser Clay Shooting at Eaton Manor

How about trying your hand at Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting at Eaton Manor.

We work with a fantastic local company that supply this fascinating, addictive, fun and safe form of the skilful sport of clay pigeon shooting outdoors, or alternatively the Smart Target indoors shooting system.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

  • One of the most popular participation activities for any event
  • Can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • Run by fully trained operators who will quickly get everyone hitting the clays.
  • Ideal group / team building activity, with a competitive edge.

Each participant will be supplied with a modified shotgun that fires an infrared beam at modified real clays launched from a clay launcher.

When the shotgun trigger is pulled, the digital scoreboard generates the shotgun sound effect and if the clay is hit, the sound of a breaking clay is produced.

It is 100% authentic, except there is no kick-back, so it is safe and can be used in confined venues.

Smart Target Indoor System

  • For indoor use, there is the option to use the Smart Target Indoor System
  • Fitted into unique free-standing 6ft Zombies, with a special scene back drop.
  • This is fast, furious and lots of fun.


For more information and to book please contact us.